New, Exclusive Annuity Comparison Tool Unleashes Annuity Replacement and Rollover Sales: Download Compelling 5-Page Report

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The challenge of showing clients why they should replace older generational products just got a lot easier. It’s a brand new, exclusive solution that’s igniting new replacement annuity production for reps across the country. This new, 100% exclusive annuity comparison sales tool is becoming the ultimate driver of new business during the Covid-19 crisis that’s rocked our industry.

How does this powerful (and exclusively built) tool work?

  • First we start with the account value of the existing annuity and its current crediting rates
  • Then we look at the surrender value and add a bonus to it to make the client whole
  • Finally we compare #1 to the after bonus value in #2 using highly competitive crediting rates

Right now there are a ton of old annuities where the caps have been reduced and between a bonus and a superior crediting method it makes sense for agents and advisors to approach clients with old annuities.

Why should someone live with a low cap that won’t increase? Give your clients a quantifiable, market-protected solution that takes advantage of the newer features of today’s new generation of product. The first 25 agents that call us at 630-716-2200 and contract will receive complimentary access to Advisor Ignite USA’s proprietary library of video presentations to help close the sale.

Access a 5-page true-life output report to see for yourself how this sales tool works.

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