Virtual Selling Made Easy With 12 Question Financial Quiz That Delivers Pre-Qualified Facebook Leads: Download Highlight Sheet

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Don't let the current Covid-19 crisis slow down your practice. Make your virtual sales easier by receiving pre-qualified leads using an Automated Facebook Program that does all the prospecting at no cost (restrictions apply, call us for details).

Our 12-touch program automates everything and lets you focus on closing the sale:

  • Prospect fills out a 12 question financial quiz that requires pre-qualification
  • Prospect is told “You are a Perfect Fit” and receive your name and number at end of quiz
  • You’re given easy-to-use phone scripts and a website
  • Includes automated email, voicemail and text message follow-ups for 9 days
  • Cost is completely covered for qualified producers
  • Our average advisor gets from 7 - 15 leads to call on every week

Hear what agents have to say…

Cathy M. in CA sold $240K from her first FB order virtually, from home: “I enjoy meeting with clients virtually and love that AIUSA pays for my leads…”

Marc C. in LA converted 7 of his first 17 leads: “AIUSA’s program introduced me to new prospects online and helped me close $142K in the first 10 days…”

Take advantage of the most powerful Facebook program and simplify virtual selling now.

Bonus: The first 20 agents that call us at 630-716-2200 will get access to our Virtual Office Package that includes the sales tools needed for virtual selling success.

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