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While more and more FIAs feature lifetime income riders, studies on policyowner behavior show that pre-retirees prefer the ability to take free early withdrawals with flexible access to funds in case of the unexpected. In fact, many reps are selling income riders that may never get “turned on.” The client may or may not want income in 3, 5, 10 years, etc., and the accumulation value in income annuities is subpar.

A brand new FIA with less than 6% of Industry Access

  • A higher accumulation value in their annuity for withdrawals and income
  • An answer to expensive riders that can often affect the underlying payouts
  • A high-performing FIA with the highest back testing of any annuity on the market
  • All of this access with no fees to water down the accumulation value
  • Powerful accumulation value that can be used for income, cash withdrawals, terminal Illness, nursing home costs or wealth transfer to the next generation

Plus earn 8.5% Commission

Learn more about an FIA that may deliver some peace of mind and a message of financial freedom in these tough economic times.

Bonus: The first 25 agents that call us at 630-716-2200 and contract will receive complimentary access to Advisor Ignite USA’s proprietary library of video presentations to help close the sale.

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