$30M FIA Producer Shares His "Tax-Free Retirement Presentation" That Generates 90% Appointments: Download Sales Presentation

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Discover a "Tax-Free Retirement Seminar Presentation" and proven sales approach used by a $30M FIA producer to fill his dinner seminars with highly qualified prospects on a topic that 100% of people care about: how to lower taxes.

Truth is, if you aren't discussing a tax-free retirement, you're missing the best marketing opportunity happening today.

Access the sales presentation and learn how to:  

  • Fill your seminar seats and "Stand Out" at your seminars
  • Generate a 90% appointment ratio because saving hundreds of thousands in taxes matters to attendees
  • Learn the exact sales approach of a $30M FIA Producer (who also has $1M in IUL Premium/$30M in AUM)
  • Discover how to really make the presentation work and experience a 50% increase in FIA's, IUL's, and AUM
  • Learn how to dovetail the sale with the #1 FIA for accumulation (Highest caps, rates and commissions)

Call us at 847-981-5000 to learn more about our upcoming Chicago Super Sales Summit on August 28th - 30th and learn the exact sales approach that will fill your seminar seats. (Only 36 of 100 seats remaining)

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