1-2 Punch of Phone-Verified Annuity Leads (Averaging 250K) + the Proven Client Presentation of a $15M Producer is Knocking Out Annuity Sales: Download Sales Kit

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Take advantage of the Ultimate 2-Step Annuity Sales System that delivers qualified leads and a proven presentation to turn them into clients.

Punch #1 - RAP (Real Annuity Prospects) Brings Prospects to Your Inbox:

  • Google-generated phone verified annuity leads
  • 90% pick up the phone on your first attempt and know you're calling about annuities
  • Leads average $250K and reach as high as $5M in premium
  • Welcome Kits, designed for your success
  • Access live phone calls and deliver messages to actual prospects
  • Receive 1-on-1 training with Steve DeJohn who is closing $2M a month from these leads
  • Access to our software that compares over 1400 annuities for your prospects to prove transparency
  • All AIUSA agents get access to our website, AnnuityArchitects.com

Punch #2 - $15M Producer Steve DeJohn Gives You Full Access to his Client Presentation: Real Annuity Prospects Program and Sales System

  • A seminar all about annuities (it’s time to plan live events in many states!)
  • Steve DeJohn, a perpetual $15M+ producer uses this exact seminar in his own practice
  • It’s about annuities (that’s what you sell so why not talk about them?)
  • The seminar and “magic close” appointment sheet lead you to annuity buyers
  • This approach uncovers existing annuity owners, great replacement opportunity

Access the 1-2 Punch Annuity Sales Kit that includes, “Magic Close Appointment Sheet,” plus an overview of the RAP (Real Annuity Prospects) system and AIUSA's reimbursement program.

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