Triple Annuity Sales and IUL With $25M Advisor Patrick Wehrly’s Legendary Tax-Free Seminar Approach: Download 1040 Tax Planning Guide

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Join us on February 26 - 28 for our Tax-Free Seminar Training Event as legendary advisor Patrick Wehrly reveals his step-by-step approach made easy. Patrick has produced $25M in annuities and $30M in managed money hosting tax-free workshops.

Fact: if you’re not talking tax-free with your prospects and clients you are missing the boat. Why? 100% of your prospects pay taxes, feel taxes will go up in the future and would be interested in strategies that reduce taxes in retirement.

During this event, Patrick will share:

  • The exact invitation and mail house he recommends
  • Targeting the right demographics
  • All the steps to hosting a successful seminar
  • The exact seminar presentation he gives
  • How to set and close your seminar appointments
  • Exactly what to say and not to say in the first and second client interviews
  • Software that shows a client in black and white how your recommendations will put them in a better position

Bonus: Gain immediate access to our 1040 Tax Form Planning Tips Guide.

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