Never Worry About Renewal Rates Again! NEW Fixed Indexed Annuity Offers Select Par Rates Guaranteed For 10 Years*, Rate Enhancement Rider Plus 5% Premium Bonus: Download Digital Agent Toolkit Now

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Introducing a New Fixed Indexed Single Premium Annuity designed to both accumulate wealth and protect your client's principal against future market downturns. With access to exclusive and flexible crediting strategies, this Fixed Indexed Annuity offers protection and growth potential in any market**.

Now you can give your clients a product that alleviates renewal rate anxiety and lets you enjoy comfortable annual reviews with your clients - giving them more predictability for the years ahead.

Features and Benefits of This New Fixed Indexed Annuity:

  • Select Participation Rates Guaranteed & Locked In For 10 Years*
  • 5% Premium Bonus***
  • 96% chance of earning interest!****
  • Exclusive Rate Enhancement Rider
  • Eight crediting strategies to give your clients more flexibility
  • Exclusive access to a third-party Multi-Asset Momentum-Driven Index (“the Index”) with risk-adjusted weightings
  • 10 Year Surrender Term
  • Up to 10% Free Withdrawals with the Rate Enhancement Rider
  • Terminal Illness & Nursing Home Waiver

Gain access to our digital agent toolkit including our Annuity Digital Calculator and other point-of-sale resources now.

* Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company. Select Participation Rates for the Index are guaranteed for 10 years from the annuity issue date, provided that Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company continues to have access to the Index.
** This Annuity offers growth potential whether the market goes up, down, or remains the same.
*** Premium bonus funds can be accessed subject to contract owner’s vesting schedule.
**** Based on simulated historical performance.

This product is issued by Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company. Product features and riders vary by state and may not be available in all states.

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