Annuities Genius Closing Software Gets Clients to Convert IRA's, 401k’s and TSP’s into Annuities

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Join David Novak on March 25th at 2:00 ET and discover the one stop platform that delivers concise information that compares every single annuity from all 56 carriers in seconds with one click.

Walk through a few simple questions with prospects who have an IRA, 401k, federal employee’s with a TSP or anyone with investable assets, enter the answers, and in seconds you can provide them with the annuity that gives them the best return for their money.

After seeing the numbers most will be ready to purchase and those not ready you can send an easy to read proposal via email and text message with one click.

The Annuities Genius Software will increase your sales by allowing you to…  

  • Compare and calculate every fixed index annuity and MYGA's in seconds
  • Send professional proposals with one click via e-Mail and/or text message
  • Leverage social media to post and share content
  • Social Media posts will drive prospects to your custom one page lead generation website
  • Use a CRM to centralize your clients data

Once you see the power of Annuities Genius software you will use it to close every annuity sale you make in the future.

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