Super-Qualified Appointments with Families in Immediate Need of Life and Annuity Products: Download Overview

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Earn an extra $15k - $25k with a program that offers streamlined virtual workshops. Get in front of qualified families looking to buy life and annuity products, so their money isn't assessed against college planning financial aid formulas.

During this crazy time getting in front of qualified prospects who are ready to buy is challenging but we have the solution.

Take advantage of a program that offers:

  • 2 commissions (100% of the product sale + $850 every time you sign up a family).
  • Preset appointments will have you swamped with college planning families in need of our process.
  • In-depth virtual trainings and customized virtual presentations.
  • Colleges and Universities embrace our process.
  • Kaplan SAT/ACT prep and FAFSA filing and much more.

Leverage Pro College Consulting's expertise as a U.S. Department of Education Needs Analysis Servicer for over 26 years.

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Pro College Consulting

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