Exponentially Grow Your Business & Gain Ideal Clients by Leveraging the New DOL Fiduciary Rule!

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Join Bill Bachrach and learn how you can not only survive, but THRIVE in the new DOL Fiduciary Standard World!

In the latest issue of FA magazine, Ric Edelman wrote an article stating, “Many advisors won’t survive the DOL Rule…within 10 years, half the advisors in the industry will be gone. And the DOL Rule is a big part of the reason. Advisors need to find a different value proposition.”

Scary, right? Fortunately, savvy advisors will use it as a springboard to exponential business growth!

Bill will:

  • Focus on the 2 most important implications every financial advisor must understand regarding the DOL Fiduciary Standard.
  • (Hint: Being an RIA does NOT insulate you from the new, higher standards.)
  • Teach you how to leverage this opportunity to steal the best clients from advisors who don’t get it and acquire more Ideal Clients.
  • Introduce you to a repeatable process to master client acquisition for bigger, better, and faster results!

Packed with crucial, action-able content on the front end, with plenty of time for Q&A on the back end, this is a web class you don’t want to miss!

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