(Annuity Warning Alert] Don’t Let Your Clients Die with an Annuity Unless You Want to Get Sued

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Join Paul Himmelstein CLU, ChFC for an important webinar annuity alert.

Don't let your clients die with an annuity unless you want to get sued. Here’s why: When your annuity client's beneficiaries, the kids, realize how much they give up for taxes upon death (nearly half of all the annuity gains) they’re going to scream and claim their parents should have never purchased the annuity.

Worst yet, if their parent, while still alive, ends up with a long-term illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's or dementia, they will have to cash out the annuity, pay taxes and any penalties, then spend down what’s left.

There's a better way. It's called the Annuity Tax Rescue System.

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