Breakthrough College Planning Strategy, New “Enhanced Funding" Gets the Money Back Parents Paid for College Tuition AND Out of Debt!

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Join Tom Chrobak and Dale Humphrey to learn about a revolutionary new college planning strategy that will be a mega lead generator and enables you to tap into a one trillion dollar market.

In the past, Premium Financing used to be only for high-net-worth clientele. Now… it’s available for small investors.

A new, amazing breakthrough called “Enhanced Funding” opens up a mammoth market opportunity that:

  • Lets you tap into a one trillion-dollar college debt market
  • Enables the small investor (your client) to qualify for and utilize premium finance in several planning strategies, such as college planning
  • Leverages a strategy that’s being considered the “New IRA” of planning
  • Give your clients “The Insured Retirement Advantage”

Learn from the experts how this incredible, enhanced funding strategy works.


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