Investment Advisors and Insurance Agents Are On Verge of Being Targeted by Litigation Over Longevity/LTC Planning: Watch Important Video

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[Important Alert] Advisors and agents are on the verge of facing a litigation Tsunami nightmare that will explode on a national scale. Please understand this message is not a fear tactic, but reality.

Here's the fact: America is an aging nation and nearly 70% of retires will use convalescent care, home health care, immediate and custodial care, as well as nursing home care. This will cost $8,000-$20,000 a month.

Now imagine a down market with these kinds of costs and what if both spouses need care? Client portfolios may never be restored. Recently however, two financial advisors discovered a solution, (and it’s not traditional long term care policy) that can protect your practice, protect AUM and attract new assets at the same time.

View their important video to learn about a concept critical to your business called "Longevity Care Asset Allocation Planning" - and it's not LTC.

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