Live Webinar: $100 Million Dollar Annuity Producer Reveals 2020 Stock Market is a Fools Gamble and Why It’s the Right Time to Sell Indexed Annuities: Download Presentation

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Join $100 Million Dollar Annuity Producer Randy Watson ​to learn how the 2020 Stock Market is a Fools Gamble and why there's never been a better time to sell indexed annuities.

As a Series-65 licensed financial advisor, Randy has lots of experience working with both traditional fixed premium, as well as generating AUM. This informed live web presentation is essential for every advisor to attend.

During this live web class, Randy will:

  • Address Stock Market volatility and how to position indexed annuities with concerned clients
  • How advisors must address the critical mathematical reality of alarming data for the sake of clients
  • Talk about how to protect your clients, and not jumping on the bandwagon of traditional conventional investment wisdom

Indexed annuities are an excellent solution however you’ve got to know which products to recommend, when to recommend them and why they make sense.

Randy will show you how to do a better job to create a win-win for you and your clients.

Bonus Presentation: After registering you’ll receive instant access to the “S&P 500 19 Year Returns (Average Vs. Actual)” presentation.

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