Turn Referrals Into Solid Introductions

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Referrals aren’t enough anymore!

Have you ever received a referral that seemed great but never went anywhere? Your client didn’t get their friend interested in hearing from you? Or the referral just died a quick death? It can be frustrating.

Times have changed. You can now turn your referrals into engaged introductions – that don’t fall through the cracks and actually result in phone calls with your prospects!

Bill Cates will show you:

  • 2 things you must learn about your new referral prospect.
  • What types of introductions work the best.
  • What your advocate should say to create a more effective introduction so your prospect responds to your emails or voicemails.
  • How to keep the introduction from falling through the cracks.
  • And much more!

Turn a client’s “willingness to refer” into concrete introductions that turn into appointments.

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