Your Riches Are in Niches: Keys to Attracting Ideal Clients in Lucrative Target Markets

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Join Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE on October 8th at 1:00 ET to learn how to stop chasing after qualified prospects but rather have them pursue you.

The evidence is clear. Financial professionals who focus on a target market generally grow faster than those who don’t. Are there exceptions? Of course. But in today’s market, full of mind-numbing noise, conflicting perspectives, pressure on fees, etc. – becoming the go-to expert in a clearly defined niche will reduce your business-development friction.

During this web class, you’ll learn how to target a Niche Market or Affinity Group so you can:

  • Avoid the 2 biggest mistakes people make in trying to form productive relationships Referral Partnerships.
  • Communicate a more relevant and compelling marketing message.
  • Become super referable, faster, in order to get referrals without asking.
  • Build a reputation that attracts more Right-Fit Clients™ who are profitable and a joy to serve.

This high-content session will also show you the steps you need to:

  • Expand the geographic reach of your business (if you wish).
  • Eliminate the 5 common misconceptions that keep you from getting rich in your niche.
  • Choose the right target market.
  • Get more introductions to high-quality prospects.
  • Create a reputation that draws prospects to contact you.

Start Increasing your sales by identifying the right prospects inside your niche market.

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