Get Your E-Mails Answered, Phone Calls Returned, Appointments Set and Prospects Converted to Clients

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Your ability to discover and communicate your value is fundamental to your success. Your prospects are overloaded with marketing messages and information.

Being able to clearly communicate your relevant and compelling value proposition gets your emails answered, your phone calls returned, appointments set, prospects converted to new clients – not to mention increasing introductions from clients and Centers of Influence.

Bill Cates will help you discover:

  • 2 proven ways to identify your full value in a client-centered manner.
  • 6 questions to which you must know the answers if you hope to influence others.
  • Why “Differentiation” or a “Unique Selling Proposition” may be overrated and what a prospect really wants to know about you before becoming your client.
  • Tapping into the power of your “Personal Why” (your secret weapon).
  • The 5 critical elements for a value proposition that moves people to action.

This is NOT a tricky elevator speech and you won’t lose opportunities to the competition! Express your value so it resonates with your prospects, clients, and centers of influence, resulting in more new clients!

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