Marketing Transformation Map: 3D Strategies to Maximize Productivity and Profits Right Now!

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Join Barbara Rozgonyi to discover a 3D WIRED PR strategy you can use to attract attention, build your brand and click with your ideal clients.

Feeling overwhelmed, confused or frustrated about the best way to market today? You’re not alone. According to an AMA study, marketers’ top three least confident areas include:

  • 33% Senior management sufficiently understands social and digital marketing
  • 25% Receives sufficient training on marketing in a digital age
  • 22% Have insight in the true ROI of all key marketing initiatives

You’ll learn:

  • Content Marketing: A new platform for creating qualified leads in your niche market that no one else is using
  • PR [Personality + Reputation]: The secret to instantly becoming a credible resource for new leads
  • Social Selling: How to self-assess your social skills and find out where you can improve
  • Marketing Strategy: How to map out a simplified strategy you can delegate or implement today
  • Confidence: Shift from “I don’t get it” to “I get it – and it’s working!”
  • Inspiration: How Barbara went from the absolute worst group insurance sales rep in the company to winning a sales trip to Hawaii – in 18 months
  • Success Tools: Where to go to plug in to stay recharged at 100%
  • Next Steps: What to do to get started and keep growing

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