Reach, Engage and Earn the Female Dollar!A online workshop. Earn 12 CE credits.

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Women report that Insurance and Financial organizations win the award as being the least sympathetic to women. 

And, most women are not prepared for their financial future, creating a dire need for the products and service these organizations provide.

Financial institutions are ignoring 51% of their market and leaving $20 trillion dollars (and more) on the table!!!

This is an environment ripe for disruption (think lemonade, Uber or ABNB). But perhaps they don’t know what they need to do differently.

Purse Strings provides the only online, workshop on the market (rich with hard data and anecdotal evidence) that walks these organizations through a full-blown assessment of everything financial organizations are doing right, or not, when it comes to working with the female customers.

Then, they have a decision to make. Do they invest the money to make wide-reaching changes to serve the most powerful market? Or, stay the course and lose market share to more innovative fintech models?

Reach, Engage and Earn the Female Dollar!


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No stranger to hard work and challenges, the Founder of Purse Strings LLC, Barbara Provost, has leveraged her strong experience, active research, and continuous data gathering activities, to solve a problem. Barbara found that women are consistently overlooked by insurance and financial institutions, to the tune of leaving a possible 14-trillion dollars of untapped sales on the table. Not only is this buying power being ignored for lack of tailoring to women, this powerful demographic is underserved and under-planned for their financial future. With that sole purpose in mind, Barbara developed expertise on what these institutions need to reach and engage women, creating the first empowerment, education, and training tool to earn the vast spending power of the female dollar In addition to Purse Strings, Barbara Provost is President of Provost Consulting Inc. She and her team have decades of experience working with insurance and financial organizations developing training programs that make learners competent and confident in the work that they do.