How to Find Significance Through the Game of Golf in Your Business…

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, You can do it, as long as you believe it 100%.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

To achieve the pinnacle of success in the game of golf is simple. The greatest obstacle people face is making the game of golf difficult. Although the game of golf is not easy by any means, it is a very simple game. The mindset enabling success in the game of golf is no different than any other venture in life. Mindset is the key to success.

As a business coach, I have the privilege to serve business professionals each day by helping them achieve success they are unable to achieve on their own. I accomplish this using systems and processes developed by some of the greatest personal and professional development experts such as Brian Tracy. When I am asked how business coaching works, I cite the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Although Tom Brady is an exceptional quarterback with amazing skills, Coach Belichick opens opportunities to help Tom Brady get in the end zone more often then he would on his own.

I find many similarities between the game of business and the game of golf. The mindset of success in business is identical to the mindset of success in golf. I had the privilege of inviting a PGA golf pro to one my sales excellence classes several years ago. As we engaged in a discussion of how to master the game of golf, I asked him a question:

Why are there many golfers on the PGA Tour and only a small number of golfers reach the pinnacle of success?

His answer astonished me. He said that every PGA golfer on the PGA Tour has the skills and talent to win every tournament. There is no difference is potential. He said that the difference between the 99% of golfers and the 1% of golfers such as Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson is mindset. They have a different mindset. Their paradigm is different than everyone else. It is not knowledge, skill, and talent that wins at golf, it is how to use the knowledge, it is how to master the skill, and how to develop their talent consistently. The mindset of the highest level of golf is a mindset of the highest degree.

As I honed my thoughts on the wisdom of the golf professional, I realized success in business is the same as success on the golf course. Success in golf leads to championships. Success in business leads to leading through significance. There are 3 characteristics business leaders and golf champions have in common:

1. Consistency. The ability to do the do the same thing repeatedly the same way is key. It is said that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results. Success is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting the same result. In golf, the ability to reproduce the identical swing is key, in business the ability to reproduce significance in others is the pinnacle of success.

2. Content Mastery. To have knowledge is the foundation, using the knowledge is wisdom. Understanding your content is vital to your success. The first step in serving someone is the clarity of their needs. When needs are clear, the tools to bring value to solving the needs is your content. In the business world, your content understanding enables you to provide service to the needs of your clients. In the game of golf, knowledge of your clubs, balls, course, weather conditions, and other variables is vital to success in becoming a champion.

3. Confidence in Your Ability. What you say to yourself each moment of every day develops how you feel about yourself. Your thoughts will impact what you believe yourself. Your beliefs and feels will impact every action you take. Activity will always result in a successful outcome. When you think your circumstances decide your fate, your success will be at the mercy of what others think. When you believe your success is a result of your activity, you will choose your outcome. Business and golfing professionals alike will achieve success based on how they think. Their choice to be significant is not dependent on the circumstances, but the choices they make before they every act. The 1% of successful golfers and business professionals determine their success by choosing to be significant before their day has begun, or they tee off.

The only restriction to your significance is your mindset. The 1% is someone who decided to become significant despite the circumstance. The 1% of golfers, like but not limited to Tiger Wood and Phil Mickelson, have not risen to greatness because they were different based on skill, they rose to the top because they made the decision to rise to the top. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Brian Tracy may have exceeded the expectations of others, but expected to achieve greatness from the beginning.


Coach Bob Reish is a husband and father of two boys and one girl, is an inspiring individual who has touched the lives of countless professionals throughout his career as a business coach and sales trainer. His wisdom and experience is clearly seen by his clients and in the seminars he leads for many organizations, which includes FocalPoint Business Coaching International, Bankers Life, Farmers Insurance, LegalShield, Awana International, and Christian Brothers Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Coach Bob is considered a master trainer in the sales industry with over 12,000 training hours, and over 7000 professionals trained to date. He is passionate about helping people to realize their pathway to success and taking, and making, the opportunities that lie before them. With a background in ministry Coach Bob’s passion for helping people has always been evident. Over a period of twenty years, Coach Bob has developed and maintained ministries that have touched peoples’ lives from little children to Senior Adults. He has also been instrumental in helping people to achieve a greater level of satisfaction in their lives through one-on-one coaching, and by speaking to small and large groups alike. Coach Bob’s personal approach to each client is customized and powerful and gets results. Anyone who would have Coach Bob come and speak to them would be challenged to reach their greatest potential, and would achieve higher levels of success in their personal lives and their businesses.