Navigational conversations

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Navigational Conversations provides organizational leaders with the skills to unlock the talents and problem-solving abilities of others. A major challenge faced by many organizational leaders is their own tendency to be hands-on problem solvers.

Until they gain this skill, they are functioning as “worker bees” instead of leaders.

Why do you need this program? 

  • Many of your managers are doing too much hands-on work themselves.
  • There is untapped potential in your workplace and you want to harness that potential.
  • You need a fast, simple and practical way to help managers make the shift from problem solving to leading.

Navigational Conversations combines the key principles of coaching with extensive practice using actual situations faced by participants.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in enhancing their capacity to develop others through effective coaching conversations.

Call Coach Bob Today! He will guide you to where you want to be, understand where you are, and close the gap that is holding you and your team from the success you know you can achieve.

What participants learn?   

  • The key principles that define successful coaching interactions.
  • The difference between the problem-solving mindset and the navigational coaching mindset.
  • When and where to apply a coach approach
  • A tested and proven 5-step coaching model
  • Fundamental coaching skills
  • How to provide effective positive, corrective, and developmental feedback
  • How to benchmark current coaching ability and assess progress
  • $1800/ person (Negotiable for groups)

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Coach Bob Reish is a husband and father of two boys and one girl, is an inspiring individual who has touched the lives of countless professionals throughout his career as a business coach and sales trainer. His wisdom and experience is clearly seen by his clients and in the seminars he leads for many organizations, which includes FocalPoint Business Coaching International, Bankers Life, Farmers Insurance, LegalShield, Awana International, and Christian Brothers Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Coach Bob is considered a master trainer in the sales industry with over 12,000 training hours, and over 7000 professionals trained to date. He is passionate about helping people to realize their pathway to success and taking, and making, the opportunities that lie before them. With a background in ministry Coach Bob’s passion for helping people has always been evident. Over a period of twenty years, Coach Bob has developed and maintained ministries that have touched peoples’ lives from little children to Senior Adults. He has also been instrumental in helping people to achieve a greater level of satisfaction in their lives through one-on-one coaching, and by speaking to small and large groups alike. Coach Bob’s personal approach to each client is customized and powerful and gets results. Anyone who would have Coach Bob come and speak to them would be challenged to reach their greatest potential, and would achieve higher levels of success in their personal lives and their businesses.