4 Surprising Ways Reverse Mortgages are Helping Agents Sell More Annuities and Life Insurance

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Join Reverse Mortgage master teacher Don Graves on Sep 8th at 1:00 ET as he shares how agents have missed out on tens of thousands of premium dollars because they didn't understand how the newly restructured reverse mortgage can benefit them and their clients.

Home equity is the largest asset that most retirees have. In a time when lifetime income sources such as pensions and Social Security benefits are declining, accessing home equity will become more important as people live longer and face increasing health care costs. Reverse mortgages offer a way to tap home equity for retirees to address these needs and stay in their home.

During the web class you'll discover:

  • How to obliterate the #1 objection clients have when it comes to purchasing an annuity.
  • Strategies that allow your client to move to their next house and free up hundreds of thousands of dollars in investable funds.
  • A little-known strategy to turn a mandatory mortgage payment into voluntary, creating new premium funding dollars.

Don will share 4 actual case studies where the reverse mortgage led to new annuity, life, and long-term care contracts, all without ever using the direct proceeds of the loan to do it.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to drive more annuity and life insurance sales.

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