4 Reverse Mortgage Conversations that Lead to More Annuity Sales: Access Presentation

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American College instructor and reverse mortgage expert, Don Graves shares 4 client case studies in where Housing Wealth gave the advisor new opportunities for incorporating annuity and life products in their clients’ retirement plans—all without using the direct proceeds of reverse mortgages to accomplish it!

Most retirees understand the importance of having fixed, predictable income in times of uncertainty and longevity. However, many of them also desire the liquidity and easy access to cash for life’s unexpected moments.

What if there was a way that your clients could have the benefit of financial certainty and 100% access to liquid funds as needed?

  • Client Profile #1 - The Asset Hugger
  • Client Profile #2 - The Cash Flow Craver
  • Client Profile #3 - The Right Size Retiree
  • Client Profile #4 - The Want-My-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Investor

During this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How the newly restructured reverse mortgage and its strategies work and can set the advisor apart from the crowd
  • The ONE question that helped an advisor find 300 new planning conversations
  • How to overcome the most common objections when reverse mortgages are mentioned
  • How to stay legal, ethical and 100% compliant
  • And much more

The newly restructured reverse mortgage is uniquely designed to solve some of the most pressing risks and concerns in retirement.

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