Live Webinar: Get Pre-Set IRA/401(k) Appointments Using Our Virtual Telemarketing Annuity Lead System

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Join David Royer and BCA on November 30th at 1:00 ET and start receiving pre-set IRA/401(k) annuity appointments on your calendar.

Our "Virtual IRA/401k Rollover Marketing System" includes:

  • Our telemarketing team gets full asset disclosure and client concerns
  • Scheduled appointments on your calendar
  • The Simplicity of Plug-and-Play
  • The workshop is pre-recorded with the most current and relevant messaging
  • Leverage the power of the American Network of Financial Education
  • Maximizing your website and Facebook page for increased credibility

It's simple to get started, just enroll in the program, and start working the leads.

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DLCA Enterprises, LLC

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