4 Power Techniques – Convert IRA Rollover Prospects into Clients!

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David F. Royer will discuss how to help your prospects understand why getting a second opinion from you can save them thousands in IRS Penalties, prevent Rapid Taxation, and reduce excessive fees and loads.

David, Master IRA Rollover Trainer, will show you:

  • How the “Separate Account Rule” can Double Your Clients the Income from their IRAs and 401k plans
  • Why the Market could Not Out Perform a 3% Fixed Account
  • How Fees and Loads can Cost Your Clients MORE than Income Tax on their IRAs
  • How to Harness the Real Horse Power of the Roth Conversion

By the year 2018, the IRA Rollover Market will increase to $515 billion, which means $24 TRILLION in Retirement Assets will have to be closed by Americans!

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DLCA Enterprises, LLC

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