The Secure Act of 2019 is Now Law, Revealing a Goldmine Opportunity that Will Boost Your Seminar Attendance

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Join National IRA Expert David F. Royer and find out how the SECURE Act of 2019 has opened the door to a goldmine opportunity for producers looking to increase their seminar attendance and production.

During this web class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Instantly attract larger assets/larger monies
  • Open the Door to offering IRA solutions
  • Triple seminar attendance
  • Seize the opportunity and download our Top 10 Secure Retirement Clients Hooks

We Are The Only Organization That Has:

  • Secure Act Seminar Invitations, Radio Commercial, and Consumer IRA/401k Marketing System
  • A PowerPoint Workshop That Includes SA Handouts
  • Best Selling Consumer Book With UP-TO-DATE SECURE Act Content
  • SECURE Act Update
  • Secure Act Education
  • And More

Get ahead of your 2020 goals with this total “Secure Act” array of resources that will significantly increase your seminar success.

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DLCA Enterprises, LLC

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