30-Year MDRT Producer Van Mueller Shares His Secrets to Generating Million-Dollar Appointments: Access Now

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In his latest podcast, 30-Year MDRT Producer Van Mueller shares his secrets to generating million-dollar appointments. This is just a taste of what you'll learn from Van at ECA Marketing's “Cracking the Prospecting Code” Virtual Sales Summit December 7th - 10th.

During the Summit you'll learn the same appointment setting strategies from Van and 7 other top sales & marketing experts that have helped them and thousands of producers overcome the challenges of selling during the pandemic.

During this event, you’ll hear personally from Top-of-the-Table MDRT producer Van Mueller on:

  • Why now is the best time ever to sell life insurance
  • Adapting to the new environment is key to capitalizing on opportunity
  • Why having enough appointments is crucial to your success
  • Why selling remotely online is NOT the magic bullet and what you must do
  • The secret to generating more appointments during the pandemic
  • How to get prospects to take action

Plus, 7 top sales & marketing experts share their proven strategies that will fill your pipeline with qualified prospects:

  • Prospecting strategies to thrive in any economy
  • Strategies to build a pipeline of qualified prospects in as little as 30 Days
  • The best methods working right now (Why reinvent the wheel?)
  • How proven TV advertising is affordably within your reach
  • How using just the right words can open previously closed doors…even online
  • Recession-Proof Prospecting…using one proprietary LinkedIn strategy

If you want to increase sales than you simply cannot afford to miss the wide range of prospecting topics that will be covered during this Virtual Summit.

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