35MM Advisor Shares His “First-Appointment-Close” Presentation That Generated 1M-2M of New Annuity Business, Plus $30,000 of Income in Just 30 Days: Access Now

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Listen to $35MM advisor Mike Steranka and MDRT, Top-of-the-Table Producer Don Quante present the ultimate 1-2 combo “first-appointment-close” presentation, a special on-demand webinar hosted by First Income Advisors. This webinar lets you hear exactly how these elite advisors run their client meetings with the “Income for Life” client software, a powerful tool that enables them to obtain a double sale (annuities and asset-based LTC) by meeting their clients’ need for guaranteed income in retirement while addressing their need for affordable, flexible long-term care protection.

Unlike most webinars out there, this webinar is not about products, not about the next shiny red object or some silver bullet marketing solution. This webinar is about two advisors who have led their companies in sales year over year. You’ll hear Mike give you his first appointment presentation (which has led him to average $35MM in annuities, followed up by Don’s presentation that has resulted in $1MM to $2MM every year.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Mike Steranka who reveals:

  • How to get a $300K, $400K, $500K layup into an annuity, how he generates 90% referral closes and how to target your ideal candidates (married couples) and close the sale in the first appointment.
  • The secret of the “The Income Cliff”: Software that demonstrates how income drops off when one spouse dies, and how to solve for that income gap by combining annuities and asset-based LTC, what both Mike and Don consider the ultimate 1-2 punch.
  • WHERE TO SPEND YOUR MARKETING BUDGET: Mike shows you how to spend it 100% on your existing clients. He reveals the mistake most advisors make, spending their budget on unproven prospects who don’t know you, don’t trust you, and especially in the middle of a pandemic! Or you can spend money on people who already have trust in you…
  • How to implement his strategy to generate a tidal wave of new referrals.
  • APPOINTMENT PRESENTATION: From the coaching, to the scripting, using his exact method you WILL write $1 to $2M in annuities.
  • ACCESS TO PROPRIETARY LIFE SOFTWARE: How to run and present a one-page illustration that takes less than 3 minutes to create and wows clients, closing them when they ask “what’s the next step?”

Then, you’ll hear from one of the industry’s year-after-year top LTC producers, DON QUANTE who:

  • Has generated $2MM in Asset-Based LTC and Indexed Annuities, and shows you how to diversify FIAs with LTC protection.
  • Gives you access to the “ultimate virtual sales machine”, how to get a steady stream of people whose assets you’re aware of even before you meet them.
  • Reveals Why Asset-Based LTC Now? Due to the uncertainty of income for retired people, market volatility, longevity, and now Covid 19, you’ll learn how to integrate LTC into your conversations.
  • Gives You His First-Appointment Presentation and a simple 3-step process that you learn today and can use tomorrow.
  • New financial products that convert IRAs into tax-free money for LTC and the need for these products in the marketplace.
  • How to generate at least $30,000 of new commission in the next 30 days without spending 1 penny on advertising.
  • How to generate at least $1,000,000 in the next 12 months by automating your prospecting.

The “Income for Life” presentation provides the steps that these two top-tier advisors use to generate sales. It will be a life changer for your business, for your clients, and for your life.

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