Complimentary Secure Act of 2019 Sales Checklist: Download Now

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The Secure Act of 2019 is the widest sweeping law affecting the retirement of Americans in the past 10 years. Capitalizing on this, $30M advisor Ford Stokes just released his Secure Act selling system.

Pre-retirees and retirees in your community have questions and you can be their advisor to answer their questions and provide real value.

Get Ford’s Secure Act Sales System that includes:

  • Secure Act Provisions Executive Summary
  • Secure Act PDF to share with your prospects and clients
  • SECURE ACT of 2019 PPT Slides and Facebook Ad Copy
  • SECURE ACT Radio Show Outline
  • Prospect and Client Secure Act of 2019 Next Steps

Learn more about Ford’s Sales System and access his Secure Act of 2019 sales checklist.

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