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Are you aware of how much money you may be losing when it comes to lead generation? Knowing how to reduce your cost per lead (or “per prospect”) by using a combination of creative, cost-saving approaches can help you keep more money in your business bank account.

Ford Stokes, a $30M producer, spent years learning the wrong ways AND the right ways to generate cost-effective leads to help him grow his significant annuity, life and AUM business. He just published these findings in a new report: “9 Ways to Reduce Your Cost Per Lead” which features the most creative, powerful ways imaginable to reduce costs while generating more prospects that turn into clients and new production.

This jam-packed, 8-page report features:

  • 9 Unorthodox Ways to Reduce Your Cost Per Lead outlined in a compelling, immediate .PDF download
  • Little-Known, Cutting-Edge Strategies that Ford Stokes personally uses to save on the cost of generating new life, annuity and AUM prospects
  • How to use the most up-to-date, web-applications and programs that make it easier for you to connect with more clients more often.
  • Opportunities that can help you create a lasting connection and/or relationship with prospects or clients by offering them something that is different from other companies.
  • Ways to build your own digital footprint, which is hugely important in today’s market.

Access these 9 powerful ways you can reduce your cost per lead for all life, annuity and new AUM business.

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