Top 5 Secure Act of 2019 Client Sales Strategies to Increase Your Annuity and Life Production

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At a time when advisors need to do everything they can stand out from the competition, I discovered a way to “spice” up my referral methods…and it worked. I was able to turn a $7 bottle of steak seasoning into $3.4M in new assets.

As I helped a married couple finish up some paperwork, I gave them two 12 oz Bottles of delicious Steak Seasoning (at $7 per bottle) customized with our Active Wealth Management Logo on it. I recommended my client use the one bottle and share the other with friends who could use our help to protect and grow their wealth.

This unique sales approach was a big success:

  • My client enjoyed the Steak Seasoning and appreciated our complimentary portfolio analysis and compelling financial plan.
  • The new referral (my client’s co-worker and his wife) chose to move forward with us to help them retire successfully.
  • My agency ended up bringing in four new clients when all was said and done
  • I dramatically lowered the cost of my qualified appointments with a simple, robust and unique referral gift

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