Top Producer Shares 9 Proven Methods to Reduce Your Client Acquisition Costs

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Join $30M Producer Ford Stokes as he shares proven methods he uses to generate qualified cost effective leads.

Ford has mastered ways to lower his cost per lead by using a combination of creative and cost-effective approaches. During the webinar he’s going to share these same approaches that will allow you to drive more leads and keep more money in your business bank account.

By attending this jam-packed presentation you’ll discover:

  • Cutting-Edge unorthodox ways to reduce your cost per lead
  • How to use the most up-to-date, web-applications and programs that make it easier for you to connect with more clients
  • How to create a lasting connection/relationship with prospects or clients by giving them something unique
  • Ways to build your own digital footprint, which is extremely important in today’s market

Reduce your cost per lead and start writing more life, annuity and AUM business.

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