Recruiting in Digital World: How to Get the Attention of the Candidates You Seek

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Join Gail Goodman on March 27th at 1:00 ET and learn how to effectively reach the candidates you want to recruit.

Unless you are already a contact in someone’s phone, it is unlikely they will pick up your call.

This creates unique challenges for those who recruit.

This web class will address the modern obstacles we have to overcome just to get a phone call with a recruit.

The actual phone conversation should be in line with your ultimate goal, which is a face to face interview.

It will address:  

  • How to improve your contact results with some easy changes
  • How to create a script that is brief and has the right message
  • Specific language for both emails, texts and phone calls

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Gail Goodman is known as The PhoneTeacher. Gail has developed the best structured analysis of the appointment setting phone call so that all direct sales people can master this critical skill. Being a great sales person is irrelevant if you’re not sitting with prospects, and Gail’s training materials, on-site seminars, videos and newsletters zero in on the most effective way to understand this critical part of the sales cycle. For almost thirty years, Gail has continually updated her seminar and training materials to keep pace with the changes in our culture. Despite the exponential increase in emailing and texting, the ability to communicate effectively by phone remains an important part of American commerce. Gail addresses the new “digital-personal-vocal mix” which all sales teams must learn to manage in our ever-changing society.