Powerful Networking Phone Calls That Convert Into Appointments

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Scheduling appointments over the phone can be challenging but it doesn't have to be. Just a single word can destroy your chance of setting an appointment. In the new world of virtual selling, it's more important than ever that you turn your phone conversations into meetings.

On January 28th at 1:00 ET join Phone Teacher, Gail Goodman to find out how to turn your phone conversations into appointments by learning:

  • Networking conversations and how they have a specific structure (know each part of lose your opportunity)
  • How following this structure will give you better results (the best results)
  • How to ensure that you have follow up appointments by using the power of "deliberate conversation"
  • Why using your "Elevator Speech" is wrong, is dead, and what every advisor must do instead

Implement these phone appointment strategies into all your future conversations and start booking more meetings than ever before.

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