Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors

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The number one issue for financial professionals is capacity. What is the number one way to constantly build capacity in your financial services business? What blind spot is holding you back from achieving more? Does it seem there is never enough time to grow? It’s time for you to implement the missing practice management processes into your financial business so you can build your ideal business.

Based on extensive financial industry practice management research, proven marketing strategies from Guerrilla Marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson and over 29 years of unique financial industry experience, Grant Hicks, CIM has created simple yet easy to implement strategies for any financial professional to build and manage capacity in their practice.

Research shows that a majority of financial professionals do not have detailed practice management processes including: a unique value proposition clearly articulated, a formal feedback system for clients, a clear definition of an ideal client and a process for attracting ideal clients. Learn strategies to build your ideal capacity, and increase your revenue by up to 33%, through unique practice management processes.

Quickly learn how to:  

  • Identify and attract better ideal clients to manage your growth effectively
  • Manage your time to achieve consistent double digit growth and manage capacity issues
  • Gather more revenue and get more referrals by implementing proven processes
  • Inspire clients to act quickly through articulating your ideal client experience and case studies
  • Build key practice management processes to build ideal capacity such as feedback and your value proposition
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Grant Hicks, CIM, published author of 5 books, professional speaker, coach and practice management consultant. His writing and speaking have made him an expert resource on practice management for financial advisors. He is the President of Advisor Practice Management,, a financial advisor coaching and training company. Grant has 28 years of unique experience in the financial services industry, including 20 years as an advisor managing over 120 million AUM and a partner of a mutual fund dealership. Grant’s books and speaking have become popular resources for elite financial advisors in Canada and he is best known for co-authoring “Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors, series 1+2” ( Morgan James Publishing, NY)