Introducing a New Fixed Indexed Annuity That Offers Simplified Allocation and Lifetime Withdrawal Rider: Download Sales Kit

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The Highlander is a single premium deferred annuity that allows your clients to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, maintain a simplified allocation, and can provide a living benefit of income for as long as they live.

Offer this outstanding product with benefits that include…

  • S&P 500 – 1-Year Point-to-Point Strategies
  • Optional Lifetime Withdrawal Rider
  • 4% Up Front Bonus to the Account Value*
  • 10% Up Front Bonus to the Benefit Base under the Lifetime Withdrawal Rider
  • 4% Guaranteed Annual Roll-Up to the Benefit Base + Index Credits
  • Roll-Up lasts for 20 Years
  • Roll-Up does not stop when income for Life is elected

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