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The Highlander is a single premium, deferred, fixed indexed annuity that allows your clients to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, maintain a simplified allocation, and can provide a living benefit of income that can last as long as your client lives.

Make your annuity sales easier with this FIA Sales Kit and Client Presentation:

  • Features a compelling case study that shows your clients a real-life example
  • Includes important statistics that highlight the benefits of the product
  • Provides clear and simple glossary and guide for you and your clients

The Highlander features multiple index strategies and one fixed rate…

  • The Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity offers diversification through simplicity
  • Eliminating the risk of market fluctuation
  • Helping your clients avoid poor market timing
  • Better potential to keep pace with inflation
  • Optional Lifetime Withdrawal Ride can provide your clients guaranteed income for the rest of the lives

Access the new FIA sales kit and client-ready presentation today.

*Premium from the Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity counts toward the 2021 Writing Agent Bonus* from GL Marketing.

*Eligibility requirements apply. Please see flyer for complete details.

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