Offer Clients 15% - 22% Targeted Returns with Equity Investments in Local Commercial Real Estate Projects

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Strategic Funding Alternatives is a vertically integrated investment, management, and development firm focused on suburban office repositioning projects.

Create quarterly income opportunities for your clients with the ability to participate in significant long term capital appreciation.

What does this opportunity provide to you and your clients?

  • Investors can earn up to 15-22% targeted returns
  • Accredited Investors receive an 8% quarterly income stream together with capital appreciation
  • You earn a fee and can generate your own equity in projects alongside your investors
  • Take advantage of proven sales & marketing techniques that attract new investors/clients

A strong understanding of commercial operations is critical when making investments in these sectors. For each investment, we apply a comprehensive approach that includes market evaluation, and financial analytics to ensure strong returns while mitigating risk.

Give your clients one of the highest returns they'll ever receive on an investment.

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