10 Federal Employee Sales Strategies that Have Resulted in 2.6 Billion in Annuity Sales + Complimentary Federal Employee Prospecting Guide

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Experience is a game changer and American Benefits Exchange (ABE) has over 30 years of experience marketing and selling to Federal Employee's. Over the years ABE has crafted fool proof sales strategies that have helped agents take their production to MDRT levels.

Here are 3 of their Federal Employee sales strategies...

  • Targeted federal employee lead programs that deliver QUALIFIED candidates
  • Customized Sales Presentations and Benefit Comparisons that close
  • Understanding which products specifically fit the needs of federal workers

These are just a few of the Federal Employee sales strategies that ABS offers to help you surpass your sales goals.

Find out all the strategies ABS offers and instantly access a complimentary Federal Employee Prospecting Guide.

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