3 Keys to Increasing Your Income by Thinking Out of the Box

July 30th, 2018 @ 1 ET

Join Bob Reish on July 30th at 1:00 ET for a live web class where you will learn 3 keys secrets to increasing your income!

You will learn:

• How to influence others more effectively.
• How to increase your income by thinking differently.
• How to improve the way you think about circumstances.

When you learn why thinking different is essential to your success, your confidence and income will improve.

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Coach Bob Reish is a husband and father of two boys and one girl, is an inspiring individual who has touched the lives of countless professionals throughout his career as a business coach and sales trainer. His wisdom and experience is clearly seen by his clients and in the seminars he leads for many organizations, which includes FocalPoint Business Coaching International, Bankers Life, Farmers Insurance, LegalShield, Awana International, and Christian Brothers Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Coach Bob is considered a master trainer in the sales industry with over 12,000 training hours, and over 7000 professionals trained to date. He is passionate about helping people to realize their pathway to success and taking, and making, the opportunities that lie before them.

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