What Top Insurance Professionals Know That You Need to Know

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There are 2 reason many agents and advisors struggle to sell life insurance.

  • Many focus on the wrong area, we were all taught that finding and attracting prospects consistently is the most important task we have…This is wrong!
  • Many lack the sales skills needed to consistently set high quality appointments and close sales.

Join Insurance Pro Shop Coach Jeremy Nason to discover…

  • That selling is not a numbers game.
  • How to make $100,000 or more per year, on less than 3 appointment a week.
  • It’s all about the pain or the problem.
  • How to set an appointment with ‘9 out of 10’ prospects.
  • How to get the YES when selling your product or service.

Don’t miss your chance to learn a simple technique to set better appointments and close more sales! 

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