How to Attract Female Prospects Online and Offline

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According to a report by Center for Talent Innovation, women hold about 39 percent of the estimated $28.6 trillion in investable assets in the U.S., creating the largest market opportunity for financial advisors to make a difference in the lives of their clients. 

Despite these stats, studies show that women still feel underserved when it comes to the financial arena. 

They are often not included in the insurance and financial conversations, even though they do influence 85% of consumer purchasing decisions.  

So how do you get involved in this market? 

  • Be creative in finding your female prospects both online and offline.
  • Build relationships before you need them.
  • Be interested rather than interesting to shift the conversation.
  • Understand the specific challenges women have with their financial goals.  

When you take the time to concentrate on attracting women, your bottom line will increase. 

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