7 Leadership Skills That Are Important to Every Advisor's Success

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Join Jane Blaufus and learn the leadership skills that are critical to your success.

Whether you are leading a prospect or client to implement the proposals you have presented or you are leading your team to grow your practice, there are skills that all advisors need to have in order to excel.

Join Jane as she talks about:  

  • 7 leadership skills that are important to every advisor's success
  • What is important to the prospects and clients you interact with from a leadership perspective
  • How your ability to lead others is critical to your success

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Jane Blaufus is the bestselling author of the book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life. Her book has become recognized as one of the most comprehensive, actionable, personal and financial planning resources available today for families, individuals and business owners alike. She brings to the table 25+ years of insurance expertise as a financial advisor, sales manager and executive responsible for the development, delivery and implementation of recruiting and selection processes and sales and marketing training to thousands of people in the sales force. Today she is the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Toronto, Canada where she consults extensively into the financial services industry. Jane is a sought after international keynote speaker delivering a highly rated MDRT Vancouver 2016 session and was featured on the main platform at the MDRT PEAK 2017 Convention in Pattaya,Thailand. She is a frequent guest expert on national TV/Radio, and a Huffington Post blogger. Her reputation and expertise make her an influential coach to many financial services professionals. Jane believes that to excel in today’s marketplace, the key to success is relationship building and she walks the walk and talks the talk.