Convert 90% of Prospects Into Appointments With This One Simple Questioning Technique

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Join Jeremy Nason and his Partner Alex Villa on October 3rd at 1:00 ET and start setting appointments with everyone you talk to.

There are no magic scripts or phrases that will guarantee you set an appointment…BUT there is a proven questioning technique to set appointments with 9 out of 10 people you talk to!

It’s a simple technique that anyone can learn and can be used face-to-face, over the phone, or just with random people you meet.

During the web class you’ll discover:

  • What you must know today to set an appointment with ‘9 out of 10’ people you talk to!
  • How to use questions to help people to see and understand the problems they are facing!
  • How you can use questions to help prospects to answer their own objections!
  • How you can use questions to help prospects to close themselves for the appointment!

If you don’t have appointments, you can’t make sales. With no sales, you’re out of the business.

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