How to Capture Your Piece of the $17 Trillion Dollar Qualified Funds Market

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Join former American Equity President Kevin Wingert for an exclusive training web class and learn the strategies used by the country’s most successful producers to capture high net worth clients and close big cases.

When is the last time you rolled over a Social Security account?

How much sense does is make to do seminars for an audience that has few investable assets?

You need to go where the money is, and studies show there are $17 trillion in all defined contribution plans in the US.

This enormous, virtually untapped market is the key to growing your business quickly and aggressively.

During the web class Kevin will reveal how he personally closes millions in FIAs and AUM using a repeatable, proven field-tested marketing system, and how you can too.

Bonus: The first 100 advisors to register will gain instant access to Kevin’s powerful 401(K) Rollover Consumer-Presentation, “Preparing for Retirement Success: 401K, 403B, IRA”.

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