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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to force a “new normal” for our country, today’s seniors are struggling financially to keep up with their payments. Don’t let them surrender or exit their policy! Give them a chance to generate 7X more to help them pay their bills, while earning yourself a powerful commission.

This proven Appointment-Setting Email Template lets them know that if they or any of their family members or friends are having financial difficulty, there’s an option for those who qualify to get significant cash now by selling their life insurance policy.

Take action by following 4 simple steps:

  • Identify candidates age 60 or older or anyone facing a life-threatening illness.
  • Send the virtual email sales script to candidates with the opportunity to call, email and book a meeting on your calendar.
  • Call those who didn’t respond and ask if they received the email; if no answer, leave a voicemail regarding the email.
  • If you left a voicemail, forward your original email, mention the voicemail, and say there’s a way to get access to more cash if they can no longer afford their life insurance policy.

Now is your chance to provide your clients a solution to obtain significant cash to help offset the financial impact of Covid-19 and put a well-earned commission in your pocket.

PS: Don’t forget to ask your clients about other friends and family who could benefit – this is a great opportunity to truly prospect and open the door to new life settlement opportunities during this tough time.

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