The Sales Hero’s Master Class on Handling Objections, Rebuttals and Closing

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Join Lloyd Lofton and take a deep dive into the principles of objections, rebuttals and closes, guiding you to become a more productive and effective sales professional.

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize opportunities to help people while capturing lost sales, reducing anxiety and saving time, energy and money wasted on leads, presentations and false hope. Lloyd brings you 30+ years of successful field selling, you will learn from his experience as a door-to-door salesman, agency owner, and builder of multi-million-dollar sales distributions.

Discover an arsenal of objections, rebuttals and closes encompassing...

  • Results proven rebuttals for all categories with the exact words, voice inflection and psychology of handling objections
  • Unique Categories including: spouse, mortgage, retirement, children, millennial career women, sole proprietor, partnership, keyman, term, health, professionals, small groups, rated/rider policy, among others
  • Sample Closes that illustrate the psychological principles you'll learn
  • Bonus dynamic rebuttal questions targeted and specific to working with life insurance prospects

If you’ve never seen yourself as a hero in helping clients solve their problems, this web class will reshape your thinking on how to have heroic influence and impact with your prospects, your clients and your business.

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