Can Predictable Buying Behaviors Lead to Results?

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Agents and Advisors are constantly trying to figure out the one thing that will motivate their prospect to buy.

If only there were a way to predict what these buying behaviors were!

  • Would doing a better job of defining the market help understand prospects’ buying behavior?
  • Are there certain “products” that might be more applicable in determining these predictable buying behaviors?
  • Would it help to see examples of predictable buying behaviors?
  • Would utilizing predictable buying behaviors in our marketing and sales presentations help us make more money?

Join Lloyd Lofton and learn:

  • What Predictable Buying Behaviors mean
  • What markets are predictable
  • What buyers are predictable
  • How to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t to generate leads
  • How to match your marketing with your sales presentation to increase your production
  • How to rule prospects “in” instead of ruling them “out”

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