Who is Long Term Care NOT for?

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We all look forward to our retirement – time with our families, our friends and more! Many will live longer in retirement than they did in their working years.

Join Lloyd Lofton to find out if they are the ones that are right for Long Term Care!

There are many benefits of Long Term Care, including:

  • Home health
  • Convalescent care
  • Skilled Facility
  • Respect care giver services

As we age we don’t get healthier and run into issues like…

  • Takes longer to heal
  • Takes more time and effort to restore health
  • Technology helps us live longer, but are there restrictions?
  • People who can pay for the best quality care and attention have the chance to enjoy more healthy, independent lives… who is that really good for?

BUT… are these the main reasons your client should consider Long Term Care? Maybe not!

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