The Taxing of Social Security – Can You Help Your Clients Save?

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Are you making all the money you want or need? Are you leaving money on the table and leaving a “Welcome” mat out for your competitors?

Can your clients’ Social Security be taxed? Is there an income threshold they have to reach to have their Social Security taxed or not be taxed?

If you could help them reposition the income that is creating these tax thresholds, would this free up money for other products with you?

What could these products be and how would this help you grow your book of business……and wallet-share in each home?

Do you have to be a tax expert, accountant to learn this issue that will affect many of your clients, anyway?


Should you know what questions you can ask to know right up front if they are paying taxes on their Social Security?

During this web class replay, Lloyd Lofton, L.U.T.C., will cover the following topics:

  • Questions that uncover “hidden” savings and premium dollars with your clients
  • How to determine what client income is creating this unwanted tax burden
  • Simple technique your clients can use to reposition the money creating this tax liability and protect their assets, while building protection for their future
  • Options available for your senior clients, whether you choose to help them or not

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